Travel Guide to Bali, Indonesia

Travel Guide to Bali, Indonesia – visit for more information on Bali, Indonesia.

What to see / do

* Batubulan — The village of Batubulan is marked by stone figures on the roadside. Artists at work can be seen carving divinities and demons from sandstone for ornaments of houses and temples.
* Gianyar – Gianyar is the centre of Bali’s textile industry. Ikat weaving is a speciality of Gianyar and is what the Balinese use for their traditional wear.
* Gunung Batur — Gunung Batur is a still-active volcano at an altitude of 1717 m. The Balinese rever to the mountain as the second-holiest mountain on the island and it symbolizes the female element of Agung’s male.
* Kuta — Kuta is a thriving tourist resort with beautiful sunsets and is popular for surfing. Tourist facilities include restaurants, shops, discos and regular performances of Balinese music and dance.
* Nusa Dua — The Nusa Dua tourist resort offers some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels. Nusa Dua is known for its clean white beaches and clear waters for surfing.
* Pura Besakih – Pura Besakih, over a thousand years old, is the mother Temple of Bali and the biggest and holiest of all Balinese temples.
* Pura Kehen — Pura Kehen is the religious heart of Bangli’s many temples.
* Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali — The Neka Art Museum Ubud Bali has a permanent collection of modern work of Balinese fine art inspired by the natural beauty, people, and the culture of Bali.


Bali, the most colorful and lively parts of Indonesia, is known for its rich tradition and heritage with vivid culture. Bali has a number of events and festivals where it displays this vivacity.

* Bali Art Festival – Classical dances, and traditional drama and music with food stalls that offer delicacies. The Bali Art Festival is a platform where the local handicrafts and the great art of the province is displayed.
* Galungan Holy Day in Bali — At this event the Balinese honor their ancestors and pray for their departed souls. The Galungan Holy Day is held once in every 210 days.
* Negara Bull Races in Bali — For this bull races the bulls are chosen carefully and then made up and painted. The competition involves two pairs of bulls ridden by jockeys around a one-track course.
* Nusa Dua Festival in Bali — This popular festival is based on a theme, which changes every year and attracts a large crowd


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