Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique


Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique

Miami in spring break is one of the most popular destinations for college students across the country. The weather is perfect for spending days on the beach and nights out on the town. Plus, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during your stay. From boat tours and water sports to shopping and dining, Miami has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a place to let loose and have some fun, Miami is the perfect spot for you. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen!


See the most popular selection of well-liked spring break activities in Miami, which includes:

  1. Museum of Vizcaya
  2. Cruise on Biscayne Bay
  3. Zoo of Miami
  4. Day Trip to Key West

Things To Do In Miami For Spring Break

Miami is a perfect place for fun and relaxation during spring breaks. Here are the things one can do in Miami for spring break:


  1. Beach relaxation


Get to the beach first things first. Miami offers a wide range of possibilities, from the more expensive (but equally warm and sunny) public parks to the ritzier private beaches. North Hollywood Beach Park, Crandon Park Beach, and Matheson Hammock Park Beach are a few of the friendliest beaches (suitable for both adult-only parties and families).


North Shore Open Space Park is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a beach with more vegetation and possibly some bike routes. Can’t bring your bike or forgot it? Take your time biking the coastal pathways on a bike you may rent.

Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique


  1. Tours of the City


Taking a tour of Miami for spring breaks is a fantastic option for families visiting the city. It’s a lot of fun and a terrific opportunity to explore more of the city than you could without a professional guide.


A hop-on-hop-off option will give you the greatest freedom to pick your destinations and create your schedule; a duck boat trip will give you an immensely enjoyable experience that combines land and water adventures.

Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique

  1. Art Deco Construction

Great cultural attractions may be found all across Miami. There are many artistic aspects of this wonderful city that I admire, from modern and classical art to ancient and modern architecture.


One reason is that everyone in the family will enjoy the opportunity to explore the city’s magnificent art deco buildings. Explore Miami by yourself or go on a self-guided tour. Keep your phone or camera charged since there will be plenty of picture chances.

Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique


  1. Cruises

To get a new perspective on Miami’s waterways, take a tour on one of the many boats that ply the city’s rivers and canals. Consider taking a tour of Biscayne Bay, which offers breathtaking views of some of the area’s most popular locations, including the American Airlines Arena, the Miami Herald Building, and the Venetian Islands.


These cruises are great ways for the entire family to spend time on the water, and your knowledgeable tour guide will make the experience educational as well as entertaining.


Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique

  1. Enjoy the Parks & Shopping


Don’t forget to set aside some time to visit Bayside Marketplace, a charming small eating and retail area close to your cruise departure point. Spend some time here for lunch or supper and souvenir shopping.


There is a lot to discover at the nearby Bayfront Park, including the lovely fountain, amphitheaters, and outdoor pavilions. During your visit, there may be one or more events, so be sure to look out for any outdoor plays or concerts!



Best Hotels In Miami For Spring Break

Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique


Here are some best hotels in Miami for spring break:


  1. Hotel Townhouse


The Townhouse, which is directly on the beach, has only bright, elegant rooms. Still, compared to the shady, similarly priced hotels all across South Beach, it’s a fantastic, much cleaner option. The Townhouse’s proximity to clubs, weekend parties on its rooftop bar, and the variety of attractive Europeans staying the night will appeal to spring breakers.


The motel accepts up to three people per room, but be aware that the third visitor will be sleeping on a very small sofa in the corner. Depending on how much sleep comfort you’re prepared to forgo, the nightly cost is roughly $232, so two people sharing may spend $116 each or three people can pay a low $66 apiece.


  1. Catalina Beach & Hotel


The Catalina is a godsend for wild 20-somethings who can rage until four in the morning. It is in the centre of the fashionable bar scene, reasonably priced and close to the beach. It’s a party hotel at heart, with small rooms and disinterested staff, despite nice touches like Tempur-Pedic beds and a cool rooftop pool.


Although the hotel generously permits four adults to share a room (which isn’t as common in South Beach as you’d expect), the cost drops to about $76 per person even though the nightly room rate in March is a little over $300.


  1. Albion South Beach

An Art Deco landmark located two blocks from the beach and steps from the upscale Lincoln Road Mall, the 100-room Albion is one of South Beach’s best bargains. Base-level rooms and bathrooms are small and a bit worn, but the features are great: a clean pool, free Wi-Fi, room service, and comfortable beds.


It’s a little mellower than some of the other spring break options in South Beach — an atmosphere they help maintain by not allowing more than two adults to a room — but the bars on Lincoln Road Mall are steps away.


  1. Hotel Clevelander South Beach


The Clevelander is now again open for business after a multimillion-dollar restoration, with “business” in this instance being an endless party at the establishment’s three bars and two rooftop terraces. If you’re going, go right away since it won’t seem brand new for long with all those margaritas that have poured.


  1. Hotel Essex House


The Essex is a straightforward stroll to museums, shopping, restaurants, and all-night commotion and offers a clean, pleasant, laid-back alternative to the decrepit Deco price gougers on Ocean Drive.


The 400-foot walk to the beach is more than made up for by the affordable pricing (we’re talking about roughly $80 per night per person in March if you’re sleeping a maximum of three people in a room), excellent noise insulation, and friendly service.


Worth Visiting Clubs In Miami For Summer Break

Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique

Having fun is something we all want to do, whether we’re in Miami for spring break. Miami and spring break are a deadly combination. I’ve compiled a list of some clubs and bars in Miami for spring break. You won’t be dissatisfied with our list, which includes everything from boujee strip clubs to local buddy bars.


  1. LIV


From Wednesday through Sunday, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. LIV is a lounge at the Fontainebleau Hotel. It’s a well-known fact that getting into this club is difficult; rumours claim that only the most stunning females cut. Reserving a table can reportedly make you appear like a boss if you have the cash to burn.


  1. A Delano


The Delano Hotel raises the bar for badness and naughtiness in Miami for spring break. When you enter the lobby, picture absurdly high ceilings, large, circular, all-white columns that reach the ceiling, and white sheets suspended from the walls. Return directly to a pool surrounded by private cabanas and palm palms. Drinking in the Hotel Delano’s bar will surely make you feel like royalty.


  1. STORY


You should also stop by STORY, another club. All of your Snapchat pals will be envious of them because of their incredible music and stylish look. All of your demands will be covered since it includes five bars and bottle service.


  1. Tequila and Taqueria Bodega


I strongly advise beginning your evening at Bodega. Every day from 6 to 8 p.m., there are $2 tacos, $4 draft beers, and $5 double tequila shots available during happy hour. In Miami, it won’t get much more affordable than this.


How Much Is Spring Break In Miami?



Typical Spring Break expenses given below are based on the least expensive flights from the US in March 2017, one night in a single room, and one day’s worth of food and drink, which includes breakfast, lunch, supper, and a cup of coffee, and a beer. Then, we rated them from the least costly to the most expensive locations.


Naturally, you won’t visit any of these places for just one day (although, maybe Vegas for a day might be worthwhile), but we wanted to quickly demonstrate what the typical Spring Break expenses are.


There are a lot of myths surrounding travel, as you can see when you start to look at the list. Miami is the least costly Spring Break destination, despite the widespread misconception that it is pricey.


The cost of hotels in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami is on the upper end of the pricing range, but one may get round-trip flights for less than $100. The total expense of staying in one of those places for a week pushes them down the list.


A weeklong stay in one of those European locations would be less costly than travelling to Cabo or Punta Cana, which is an interesting paradox considering that Dublin and Madrid have some of the more expensive airline costs. Nassau, the Bahamas, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta are excellent values when considering the usual top Spring Break vacation spots.


Things To Pack On Tour Of Miami For Spring Break


It’s vital to have the necessities to enjoy Miami to the fullest. The first thing to remember is that Florida’s summers are quite hot!


You need to be prepared for the weather because of the excessive humidity and the distances you’ll have to walk while you visit the city. The midday heat and humidity may be quite uncomfortable, even in spring and autumn. Before leaving, check the weather so you’ll know what to anticipate.


To avoid sunburns, remember to pack a decent pair of sunglasses and a sun hat. You should reapply sunscreen every two hours in the extreme heat. Bring insect repellent and sunscreen in travel-size bottles. You’ll be really happy you did.

Good walking shoes or sandals are a need throughout the day. Put them on for the flight and put your flip-flops and nightclub-appropriate footwear in your suitcase. You should bring at least one proper outfit since Miami offers so many fashionable places, from all-night clubs to Michelin-starred eateries.


While most individuals are concerned with what to pack for a beach trip, you’ll be let down if you don’t have the appropriate shoes or a jacket to enter a posh nightclub.


Documents and Necessities To Pack On Tour Of Miami For Spring Break


Starting with the fundamentals is a tip that every frequent traveler is aware of. It’s critical to cross the essentials off your list before you even consider what to pack for a beach trip.


  1. Visas, a picture ID, a passport, and a driver’s license Bring copies of everything and be aware of what they will ask for when you get to the airport. The best option is to include one copy in your carry-on bag and a smartphone photo.


  1. Check your boarding cards twice, whether they are paper or electronic, to avoid paying airport fees.


  1. Verify that you have all of your airline, hotel, boat, bus, rental car, and event tickets before confirming your itinerary. Make sure you both have the information stored if you’re going with someone else.


  1. A travel insurance card, a medical insurance card, and crucial phone numbers


  1. Choose offline versions of your maps and guidebooks. They provide excellent reading material on planes and are practical for times when the internet is unreliable.



Miami Beach’s Ultimate Spring Break Guide


Miami Beach is the ideal location for spring breakers looking for a fun beach vacation to let free because of its legendary all-night parties, gorgeous beaches, and art deco architecture. Miami offers a variety of activities, including partying with friends, taking in the sun, and visiting world-class institutions.


If you’re thinking of spending spring break in Miami Beach, here’s what you need to know since it’s also one of the busiest periods of the year to go there.


South Beach and Miami Beach


Florida’s South Beach often receives all the fame and attention during spring break. Most likely, you’ve seen pictures and videos of the activity on the beach and are aware of how crazy things can become.




Although it’s a touch more laid back than South Beach, Miami Beach is just as entertaining. You’ll discover that the costs are lower, the parties are smaller, and the emphasis is more on lounging by the pool than binge-drinking.




Whether you choose to visit South Beach or Miami Beach mostly relies on your goals. The good thing is that they are all just a short taxi ride apart, irrespective of which one you choose. To save money and improve your chances of obtaining a decent night’s sleep while spending your days partying on South Beach with everyone else, you could simply base yourself in Miami Beach. ​


Miami in spring break | Travel Premium Boutique


How To Get There On Miami Beach


Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport both provide connectivity to Miami Beach. However, Miami International Airport is the ideal choice if you’re visiting on a tight budget since you can take a bus from the airport right to Miami Beach. Because it is also considerably closer, taking a cab or ride-sharing will cost you approximately $30 from Miami Airport as compared to nearly $100 from Fort Lauderdale.


When should one arrive in Fort Lauderdale via air? when a flight to that airport is extremely inexpensive. You could be better off choosing that alternative if the cost difference to travel to Fort Lauderdale is more than $70.


Frequently Asked Questions


People usually ask many questions about “Miami for spring break”, some of the related questions are given below:


  1. What do people wear in March in Miami?


The ideal outfit for lounging on the beach in energetic Miami is a pink bikini and a stylish cover-up. Pack some chic wedges, a sexy-casual slip dress, and a pair of comfortable flip-flops for drinks and a night out.


  1. Which month is ideal for travel to Miami?


Miami is at its most beautiful between March and May. While the rest of the nation is still defrosting, you may enjoy non-peak prices throughout these months with everyday temps in the 70s.


  1. Spring Break was conceived by whom?


In 1938, a swim forum event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, gave rise to the idea of spring break. However, about 1960, a large inflow of students started to move to the area, and local merchants seized the opportunity to offer deals like all-you-can-drink beer for $1.50.


  1. Are shoes permitted in Miami nightclubs?


Ripped jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, shorts, and polo shirts are often not permitted into most Miami clubs due to rigorous door policies.



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