India to Thailand in 2022 - Budget Travel guide

India to Thailand in 2022 – Budget Travel guide

India to Thailand in 2022 – Budget Travel guide

Hey Guys!!

Thailand is a beautiful country which has many many many things to offer. Thailand is also one of the cheapest countries to travel to from India. I travelled to Thailand with my husband i.n 2022 and we explored Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok on our trip in 10 days. There is so much to see an do in Thailand and here is a very informative travel guide.
Thailand is one of the first choices for India who want to travel abroad and while it is one the cheapest destinations in the world, how cheap is it exactly in 2022.
Travel scene has change a lot since and the pandemic and I hope this video helps you better understand the realities of travel.

Some general tips for Thailand

1. The currency in Thailand is Baht and if you are getting your visa on arrival, you will need top pay for it in cash which you must carry with you from India.

2. For 0 Forex markup definitely get a Niyo global travel card, you will save up so much money.

3. for booking experiences and attractions, opt for , they have the best prices.

4. Food in Thailand is amazing and you will find a lot of veg and non veg options.

5. Download google translate as many people in Thailand don’t speak English

I hope you enjoy watching this video if you do:

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