BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Best Florida Beaches

Florida is popular for its tourist spots, sunny environment, theme parks, warmth, and nautical activities; tens of millions of tourists visit places like Walt Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, and Miami Beach each year. It should come as no surprise that Florida boasts some of the greatest beaches in the world with its 1,197 miles of pristine coastline and natural beauty.


Best beaches in Florida

  1. Palm Beach
  2. Siesta Key
  3. Destin
  4. Marco Island
  5. Delray Beach
  6. Sanibel Island
  7. Fort Walton Beach
  8. St. George Island
  9. Cocoa Beach


Palm Beach

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Palm Beach has plenty to offer every kind of tourist, whether you’re window shopping down Worth Avenue, honing your swing at one of the area’s great golf facilities, or relaxing on glistening white dunes. Palm Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida.

This opulent resort town is roughly 70 miles north of Miami and is teeming with elegant dining establishments, magnificent Gilded Age homes, and cutting-edge art galleries. Swim and sunbathe at the town’s Municipal Beach, or go shelling and diving at Phipps Ocean Park.

Today, Palm Beach is a fully developed neighborhood with a reputation for being beautiful, having a high standard of living, and having a small-town feel after more than 100 years of gradual expansion. It is the location of the renowned Worth Avenue and “Captains of Industry.”

Around 9,000 residents live in Palm Beach year-round, while another 20,000 have a summer residence there where they spend the winter. Together, these Palm Beach locals give more money per person to organizations than anybody else in the country.

Siesta Key 

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Siesta Beach, which is often cited as one of the greatest in the country, has 8 miles of white quartz sand, crystal-clear water, as well as eating, shopping, and nightlife options. Siesta Key is included in the list of top beaches in Florida.

Another excellent choice is Crescent Beach, which is great for those looking for peaceful surroundings, smooth white sand, and breathtaking landscape. Turtle Beach, however, is a terrific location for lengthy hikes, convenient parking, and shell collecting.

Siesta Key is a must-visit island paradise known for its magnificent quartz beaches, blue seas, and various beachfront facilities. Everyone can find something to enjoy on Siesta Key. Siesta Key is a vacation spot for families, a playground for athletes, and a romantic retreat for couples.


BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

White dunes, lovely Gulf seas, and a lot of sunlight draw families to Destin. This popular beach destination in Florida provides everything you need for an unforgettable beach holiday, including a ton of thrilling things to do. Remember that summertime sees the highest temperatures, tourist counts, and hotel prices.

Destin is at its finest between April and May when the weather is pleasant, the sun is out, and the water is warm. Any early and the temperature will be colder and the water will be frigid. Summer vacation will place you in the thick of the throng and at the highest cost. Destin is considered Florida best beach.

Marco Island

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Marco Island, which is connected to Naples, Florida, by two bridges, draws tourists with its unusual combination of upscale resorts and natural areas. Here, boating is a well-liked activity, and there are numerous restaurants in the area that provide delectable seafood dishes.

Undoubtedly, Marco Island’s immaculate beaches are its outstanding feature. Visitors, who like to go on long walks, seek seashells, or hire kayaks are drawn to Tigertail Beach Park, while South Marco Beach, which is located next to hotels and condominiums, has plenty of room for swimming and sunbathing.

The biggest and only piece of built land in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands is Marco Island, which is not far from Naples and the Florida Everglades. This getaway on the Gulf Coast offers opulent resorts, stunning beaches, and pristine parks. The tropical environment and closeness to the water on Marco Island are major draws.

More people are visiting Marco Island than ever. It is still a relatively calm corner of paradise, hidden in the tranquil marshlands and far from the crowded Florida beach cities, despite the tendency.

The greatest time to visit Marco Island is in the fall or early spring for “just perfect” weather. The average temperature in September, October, and November stay in the 80s, making days comfortable but not oppressively hot and muggy.

Delray Beach

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Delray Beach, sometimes known as “Florida’s Village By the Sea,” attracts tourists seeking both big-city nightlife and a small-town ambiance. Nobody would blame you for skipping the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Morikami Museum, and Japanese Gardens in favor of the beach. It is one of the best beaches in Florida.

Delray’s Municipal Beach is a great place for outdoor activities like snorkeling and paddleboarding since it is close to a variety of stores and restaurants. In contrast, Atlantic Dunes Park provides a more sedate beach environment in a serene natural setting.

After spending enough time at the beach, travel along Atlantic Avenue to find luxury stores and buzzing nightlife. Delray Beach provides a unique combination of urban attractions and tropical beaches renowned for their unspoiled beauty and upbeat atmosphere.

Although Delray Beach may be best known for its beaches, the city also has a vibrant nightlife that you’ll remember long after you leave. A night out that real life at home just doesn’t permit may be had in Downtown Delray Beach.

Sanibel Island

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

There are few places in Florida with a more tranquil shoreline than Sanibel Island. This coastal town is a great option for families since “shelling,” or gathering various, beautiful seashells along the beaches, is the local hobby.

Go to Bowman’s Beach or Blind Pass Beach for the finest seashell finds. Save some time for a trip to Lighthouse Beach Park, where you may fish from the pier and take photographs of the lighthouse that dates back to the 19th century.

The peak season, from December to April, is the ideal time to explore Sanibel Island. Travel costs will be higher during these five months than during other seasons, so make your plans and reservations early. Still, this is the time of year for picture-perfect beach weather.

Get a good price on a motel and go shelling in the cool Gulf of Mexico in late October. Avoid traveling during hurricane season entirely; instead, schedule your vacation for May or early June, when there is less risk of severe weather.

Fort Walton Beach

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

For laid-back beaches, sports, profound fishing, and family-friendly attractions like aquariums and amusement parks, go to Fort Walton Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast. One of Florida’s nicest beaches is Fort Walton Beach.

On Okaloosa Island, John C. Beasley Park has facilities, designated picnic sites, and a clean, white beach. With none of the hassle, Fort Walton Beach offers all the enjoyment of popular vacation locations.

Fort Walton Beach in northwest Florida is a favorite among families because of its tranquil, emerald seas, cold white sand, and family-friendly resorts and activities including parks, museums, and aquariums.

Small-town charm, history, and a ton of attractions can all be found in downtown Fort Walton Beach. You can simply get about town from your Destin vacation rental since the town’s compact downtown is bike and pedestrian-friendly.

St. George Island

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

St. George Island, which is roughly 75 miles southwest of Tallahassee, is a popular destination for those looking to unwind. This beach community is one of the few populated barrier islands off Florida’s Gulf Coast that has remained mostly undeveloped, with no high-rise structures and immaculate white sand.

Alternately, spend some time at the pet-friendly St. George Island Public Beach, which has restrooms, a playground, and picnic tables. With miles of unpopulated stretches for lounging and shelling, beautiful Gulf seas for swimming and fishing, and pristine wetlands for animal watching, St. George Island frequently ranks as one of the best beaches in the United States.

On St. George’s Island, the water is emerald green or largely clean all year long. A few natural factors, including tides, heavy surf, and seasonal weather patterns, do, however, contribute to the hue.

Cocoa Beach

BEST BEACHES IN FLORIDA | Travel Premium Boutique

Cocoa Beach is a well-liked beach getaway for both families and surfers due to its closeness to Orlando and its internationally famous waves. The city’s most popular beach, however, is the strip of sand next to the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier.

Visitors may catch waves here or watch professional surfers participate in yearly tournaments. Visit Cocoa Beach’s Ron Jon Surf Shop, the biggest surf shop in the world, for a surfing memento. It is included in the list of top beaches in Florida.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

People usually ask many questions about “best beaches in Florida”, some of the related questions are given below:

Which Florida beach has the most beautiful water?

The cleanest water Florida beach is often referred to as Destin. Why just this beach? The Choctawhatchee Bay, which is located just beyond the beach and serves as a filter, is the reason why clear waters can be seen on top of Destin’s fine quartz sand. It does this by removing the darker silt.

Which Florida beach has white sand?

Siesta Beach is the ideal illustration of a white sand Florida beach. Siesta Key Beach has received recognition for its sand, which is considered to be among the whitest in the whole world.

Does Clearwater Beach have clean water?

Located in the resort area on the Gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Beach is a spotless white sand beach with stunning tranquil blue seas that are ideal for swimming. It is a well-liked beach for water activities including snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing because of the gulf’s crystal-clear waters.


Florida has some of the greatest beaches in the world with its 1,197 miles of pristine coastline and natural beauty. Palm Beach has plenty to offer every kind of tourist, whether you’re window shopping down Worth Avenue or relaxing on glistening white dunes.

Okaloosa Island’s beaches include a fishing pier, a boardwalk, and breathtaking sunsets. St. George’s Island has miles of emerald green beaches, beautiful Gulf seas for swimming and fishing, and pristine wetlands for animal watching.

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