8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

 Top Beaches In Texas


Texas is one of the 50 states that make up the USA. Except for Alaska, Texas is the biggest state by area and is located in the south-central region of the US. Many of its boundaries are defined by water. The eastern two-thirds of Texas’ northern border with Oklahoma are formed by the twisting Red River, while the remaining northern third is formed by the Panhandle, which juts northward and corresponds to Oklahoma’s western Panhandle.

Beaches in Texas

Texas is home to several beach holiday alternatives with more than 370 miles of shoreline along the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise and green ocean. U.S. News looked at scenery, beach quality, and facilities, as well as reader and expert feedback, to decide which Texas beaches stand out from the others.

Top beaches in Texas

  1. South Padre Island’s Beaches
  2. Corpus Christi
  3. Crystal Beach
  4. Boca Chica
  5. Mustang Island’s beach
  6. Rockport Beach
  7. Lighthouse Beach
  8. Surfside Beach

1. South Padre Island’s Beaches

The beaches on South Padre Island, formerly a popular spring break destination, now draw a lot of families. This island has many best Texas beaches. The island’s views of the Gulf of Mexico, inexpensive lodgings, and expansive, sandy coastlines continue to draw tourists every year.

Isla Blanca Park, which is located on the southern tip of the island and has pavilions with dining choices, boat amenities, fishing locations, and more, is home to some of the most sought-after beaches. A facility for sea turtle rehabilitation and Schlitterbahn Waterpark are two other entertaining activities on South Padre Island.

When to visit South Padre Island?

The months of February to September are the best times to visit this island. This little town will be fairly intolerable in March unless you want to participate in the spring break festivities, which involve loud parties all day long. The other 11 months of the year, though, SPI radiates a laid-back vibe ideal for those seeking the sun and families.

In addition, hotel costs are reasonable when compared to other coastal towns. Just be aware that there’s a remote possibility you’ll experience unfavorable storm conditions if you’re planning a summer vacation.8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique


2. Corpus Christi

While many visitors who stay in Corpus Christi take day excursions to the nearby beaches, the city also has its beaches. McGee Beach is a compact, spotless choice in the city center, with calm waves and a jetty for fishing.

As an alternative, beachgoers may access North Beach by going across the Harbor Bridge. North Beach has a 1 1/2-mile length beach and is close to sites like the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium.

There is a rich history in Corpus Christi. Before Spanish colonists came in the 1500s, the Karankawa Indians lived here for hundreds of years and developed prosperous villages. The museums in this seaside city today can teach you more about its past.

The city has other museums that cover a variety of topics, including sciences, artwork, military aircraft, and pop artists, in addition to its historical attractions.



When to visit Corpus Christi?

When summer visitors have returned home and the temperatures start to drop down from the sweltering summer, September and October are the greatest months to visit Corpus Christi. Although the city does turn into a modest refuge for snowbirds, visiting in the winter will offer you even warmer weather, ranging from the mid-60s to the low 70s.

During spring break, the spring season, especially March, sees a little increase in tourism. Summer in Texas means sweltering heat as well as a higher likelihood of thunderstorms and rain.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

3. Crystal Beach

Long Crystal Beach is located in Houston, Texas’s eastern suburbs. Dunes are practically universal in the Gulf of Mexico, where the water is often murky, shallow, and subject to violent waves. It is a beautiful Texas beach.

However, this is a pretty good location where you may go swimming or at the very least go walking and fishing. The renowned automobiles that speed down the shoreline while blasting loud music are the only drawback. Sand makes up the seashore and ocean floor.

Crystal Beach offers a lively party scene. Visitors are encouraged to congregate and have fun throughout the summer by being able to park their vehicles and trucks straight on the sand, camp out overnight, and put up barbecues and bonfires.

Birding, shell and hermit crab searching, and fishing are among popular activities here. Nearby eateries, pubs, and nightclubs keep the excitement up when the sun goes down. Visit the nearby Fun Spot Waterslide and Bolivar Point Lighthouse, an 1872 lighthouse that has weathered several storms, for even more family-friendly entertainment.

When to visit Crystal Beach?

The warm season from May through October is the ideal time to visit Crystal Beach. Of course, it is hurricane season now, and it is really hot. During the winter season, seawater is quite freezing.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

4. Boca Chica

The peaceful and leisurely Texas beach of Boca Chica is situated across the Rio Grande from Mexico. Although Boca Chica may not have all the amenities of other beach communities, it more than makes up for it with tried-and-true traditional beach pastimes. Boca Chica is one of the best beaches in Texas.

Remember to carry your equipment whether you go fishing, riding, swimming, or diving, among other activities. The sands of Boca Chica are also the ideal place to put up a beach chair and enjoy a nice book or the view of the ocean.

Traveling to the Rio Grande’s mouth, where you can see the wall separating the US from Mexico and continuing out into the ocean for approximately 30 feet, is another exciting thing to do. This location in Texas is nearly as far south as the Florida Keys, which are the southernmost point on the U.S. mainland.

When to visit Boca Chica?

All year long, the sea is a pleasant temperature. It is between 176°F and 183°F. September, October, and November are the rainiest months. If you want to visit Boca Chica, choose one of the following months: January, February, March, April, or December.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

5. Mustang Island’s beach

Mustang Island, a small island located exactly east of Corpus Christi, is a well-liked beach resort for energetic tourists and families. The Mustang Island State Park Paddling Trail, a 20-mile network of shallow-water canals, provides chances for kayaking, canoeing, and watersports. The beach’s favorite activities include surfing and camping. Therefore, it is considered as the best beach in Texas.

On the island’s more than 18 miles of stunning beach, you may stretch out and look for dolphins, turtles, and birds if you don’t want to work up a sweat while you’re there.

When to visit Mustang Island?

The greatest season to visit Mustang Island is in the fall when Cinnamon Shore has fewer tourists and pleasant temperatures far into the season.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

6. Rockport Beach Texas

A unique, top-notch beach known as “Rockport Beach Park” may be found on the South Texas coast in lovely Rockport, Texas. This stunning location has gained notoriety for its immaculate sand, welcoming atmosphere, and well-maintained facilities.

To meet the requirements of every tourist, Rockport Beach Park has volleyball courts, beach cabanas, picnic tables, BBQ pits, freshwater showers, clean toilets, two fishing piers, children’s play areas, as well as two sets of tastefully constructed event centers.

In addition, they have a saltwater pool where you may swim, observe birds, and generally have a fantastic time in this ideal setting. There is enough room for everyone, plus the facilities and spotless beach are exactly what the doctor ordered.

One may go for walks or set up chairs with friends to enjoy views of Little Bay along the walking path that goes beside the coast of the little bay. The Clean Beaches Coalition designated the coastline as Texas’s first “Blue Wave Beach” because it is so immaculate.

When to visit Rockport Beach Texas?

The best periods to travel for pleasant weather are unquestionably the spring and autumn seasons. The best months to visit Rockport are March, April, and May. Weather is pleasant in these months as well.

During the pleasant spring months, temperatures often reach the mid-seventies. As the heat waves end and the temperatures drop down to the mid-80s and 70s, October and November are similar. Depending on the storm systems in a particular year, the weather might be fairly pleasant far into December.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is a nine-kilometer strip of south-east-facing sand that leads to Lake Cathie and is located seven kilometers south of Port Macquarie. It is a well-liked surf spot that protects from the summer holidays. The beach captures the entire available wave, making it ideal for intermediate and advanced surfers who want short, strong rides. Lighthouse beach is considered as the luxury beach in Texas.

A fantastic beach for beach fishing, lengthy walks, camel safaris, and 4WD access at the southern end. Throughout the summer break, the beach is guarded. Visit the 1879-built Tacking Point Lighthouse, the last stop on the magnificent coastal walk, and enjoy the observation platform for a breathtaking view of the coastline.

The area south of Watonga Rocks on this expansive beach is ideal for bringing your canine companion for some active dog beach play. From here, you may remove your friend’s leash. However, before doing so, be sure to read the notice on the beach for information on leashed and unleashed zones.

When to visit Lighthouse Beach?

The best time to visit Lighthouse Beach is from October to February since these months see mild winter and spring weather.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique

8. Surfside Beach

It should come as no surprise that the beach is the main draw in this little community 40fourty miles southwest of Galveston. It should come as no surprise that the deep water at Surfside Beach makes for excellent conditions for windsurfing, kayaking, and surfing. Surfside Beach is included in the list of best Texas beaches.

The clean surroundings and soft sand of the beachfront make it the perfect place to relax when you’re not in the water and catch some rays while taking a nap or reading a book.

White, fine sand covers the whole Surfside area. The water of Surfside Beach is clean with sandy bottom. Low waves with wind can rise. Much different colored fish may be seen close to the coast. The area is kept up beautifully. There are lounge chairs, parasols, restrooms, showers, and gazebos. There are many restaurants and beach clubs near Surfside Beach. On the pier, there is just one restaurant.

The beach is ideal for both diving, and snorkeling. You can go there for relax and active vacation as well. For both adults and children, there are water slides. A coral reef is located close to the shore, and a large park area with manicured leisure spaces, jogging trails, and bicycle lanes spans along the beach.

Surfside is quite well-liked by those who like quiet vacations, however, it may be fairly loud nearby because of airplanes taking off and landing. The majority of viewers are adults. Near Surfside is the cultural hub of Aruba, where magnificent performances take place. It is not acceptable to attend the facility with sandals and beachwear.

When to visit Surfside Beach?

Around September 1, Surfside Beach has the clearest period of the year, which lasts for 3.3 months and ends around December 10. October is the clearest month of the year at Surfside Beach, with the sky being clear, mostly clear, or partly overcast 64% of the time on average. You should visit it in October.

8 Best Beaches in Texas | Travel Premium Boutique


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

People usually ask many questions about “beaches in Texas”, some of the related questions are given below:

  1. Which beach in Texas has the purest water?

The South Padre Island beach of Boca Chica has Texas’s purest water.

  1. Do Texas beaches have white sand?

Some of the loveliest white sand beaches and warm, clear seas may be found on Texas’ Gulf Coast. Galveston Island and Padre Island are two examples of long, narrow barrier islands that urge beachgoers to spread out a beach blanket, play about in the calm seas, and maybe even construct a few sandcastles.

  1. What Texas beach town is the most affordable?

On the most recent list of the nation’s most cheap beach towns, Rockport, Texas, a coastal city roughly a six-hour drive from Dallas, comes in at number seven. The average house listing price in this little Gulf Coast hamlet is $435,112.


Texas is one of the fifty states of U.S. News looked at the scenery, beach quality, and facilities to decide which Texas beaches stand out from the others. Rockport Beach is Texas’ first “Blue Wave Beach” because it is so immaculate. Lighthouse Beach is a nine-kilometer strip of south-east-facing sand that leads to Lake Cathie.

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