4 Travel Hack for Packing Light (A Minimalist Guide to No Baggage Fees)

4 Travel Hack for Packing Light (A Minimalist Guide to No Baggage Fees)

4 travel hacks for packing light: a minimalist’s guide for no baggage fees. Pack a minimal amount of lightweight items. Pack smaller items so you avoid baggage fees for that airline. These tips and tricks will give you travel hacks to pack light. #packlight #travelhacks #traveltips #packinghacks

Travel tip videos that will help you pack:

My items I pack:
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Shampoo container (favorite): https://amzn.to/3CwHBDM
Shampoo bar: Lush brand
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00:00 Minimalist guide to pack light with 4 hacks
00:34 Do not pay carry-on bag fees pack light
00:56 1 hack trade items to pack light
1:32 Swap belt bag for thin lanyard bag
2:14 Divide toiletries into small pouches
3:25 Trade containers for smaller ones
7:23 Pack in lightweight containers
11:35 Hack re-wear outfits 3 ways
14:09 Pack light with monochromatic
14:51 Test to do for packing light
16:07 Pack lightweight hack strategy

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